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I believe that some point Kurt needs to have Jaxs and Tara get married. As most fans know that when Tara wanted to leave in season 1, Jaxs told her that he got married cause he was lonely and the only person that he ever saw was her, when he was with women. then in season 3 that Tara said that she never should of left at all and that when she is with him that is the person that she is suppose to be with. I know that they have had there doubts about the life that Jaxs lives but she in it full force and the only person that has acted like a mother to Abel is Tara. They are meant for each other and they might go through there ups and downs but I believe they are meant to be together, no matter what happens.
She is alway having his child and at one point didn't she say that she wanted a family, she getting that with him now.
Kurt you have done a great job with writing this show and I still watch the 3 seasons as I have them downloaded from amazon.com. And to everyone that wants to season 4, sorry guys, I bet it doesn't start untill September, since the last 3 didn't start until Sept. I see why you do that, for us people that life where ut snows, driving season is coming to an end then and we have something to get our fix of the show and the biking season still. To all the people that ride, have fun and be careful. I know that I will enjoy my riding and can't wait until the new season starts. So I get my fix by watching the seasons over and over.


I love this show and wish that it would not be over already. Jax, I am so glad that he turned out to not be a rat. He needs that club, that is all that he knows. My only question is that since they are going to be doing time and that Kurt was saying something about starting season 4, when they are out of jail. Does that mean that Jax is not going to be able to see his other child born. Or for the fact that when season 4 is started that Jax and Tara's child is already going to be born. I hope not but, no matter what, I can't wait until season 4. I just wish that I wouldn't have to wait so long.
My riding season is over since the snow is starting to fall and now my show is over. I hope with show going on for many, many seasons. I LOVE IT!!!!

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