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Hi Kerry! First off thanks for doing this. I'm a huge fan of yours; one of the things I enjoy most about you is listening to you give speak, because you are clearly a very intelligent and well read woman and it comes across both in your interviews and the characters you play. I'm one of your Gladiators in a Suit, so all of my questions are Scandal related: 1. In what ways are you alike and different from Olivia Pope? 2. I know you can't tell us, but are there plans (preferably sooner rather than later) for us to learn about Olivia's family? Olivia is the main character, but we know the least about her. 3. Are there any plans for Olivia to get a friend? Honestly, she needs a confidant right now. She needs a good friend (not Abby, who I find to be too judgmental) or a sister or a first cousin or something! 4. Are we going to find out (again, preferably sooner rather than later) why Olivia thinks everything can be fixed? Was Olivia previously in a situation that required someone to fix her so now she pays it forward? 4. This is your first time being a regular on a TV show; do you like it? 5. I love the fact that both you and the cast are heavily involved with social media and I think your involvement has increased the success of the show. Who's idea was it to do weekly live tweets and to actively engage your Twitter Gladiators? Thank you so much, Kerry!

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