Hey! My name is Nina and I'm 17 years old. I live in Austria, but I really hope to move to London as soon as possible. (favourite city btw) :)
I adore GOSSIP GIRL, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!
I really can't wait for the 4th Season of GG and the 2nd of VD. AAAAAAAH HELLO?!? Katherine is back :)

Ian Somerhalder <3 Ed Westwick <3 Eric Dane <3 Ok... I'm into the villians... :)


Ooh. I forgot to mention Jared Leto <3 He is the best :)

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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 44

Bonnie: For the 500st time! I am NOT going to be part of the Hurricane video! (by 30SecondsToMars) haha


1. OMG i dont want to know how loud i was screaming when damon and "elena" kissed... and after "elena" cut john's hand off. i mean. i didnt even thought about katherine... OMG-moment! 2. i didnt like bonnie before, so i dont like here now either. 3. i think caroline survives... i mean. it wouldnt be something special, if she is dead... you know what i mean?! :) 4. i really hope so. it would be awesome.. and maybe he is falling in love with katherine... which would be disgusting, because she looks like elena... ^^ 5. OMG! i really dont know what to do without VD... and Gossip Girl is over too... i think i have to read books instead. :)

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Jenny: Just because Dan likes three-somes, doesnt mean that I am into that.
Chuck: Oh come on Little J, we've already started the game 2 years ago.
Damian: What? Without me?