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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 214

Cristina [thinking] /She has such a cute butt./
Teddy: I'm not going out with you.
Cristina: Did I ask you to go out with me?
Cristina: Do you want to go out with me?

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 213

Lexie: I have a dream, Jackson... That one day a trauma will come through these doors.... I have a dream.
Jackson: I share that dream.


One more explanation. She hasn't destroyed the thing betweend P/A yet, but I'm afraid that will happen. I totally agree with whatever, it's an adult thing and I think it's good that they're trying to be happy.

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Derek and Mark - Behind the Punches... (Relationships)

I agree with idea that Mark tells Derek that he's sleeping with 'Grey'. But I also think that it could be connected with the past, because it's crossover episode again... so maybe Mark told Derek about the baby he should have had with Addison? (I don't remember whether Addison told him or not...)

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