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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 159

Nate: 3 more pounds to go

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 159

Run, Archibald, run !!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 158

Blair: Oh no, dress ? Quick, close the door and the window, and do you happen to meet Charlie on your way up here?
Louis: Blair, I don't understand
Blair: Don't you get it ? I don't want her stealing my dress like she did to Serena's Cotillion dress!

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OMFG, 4.22 Script Spoilers! (Supposedly) (Spoilers)

I disagree about the Charlie's not the real Charlie part. It doesn't explain what happens in The Kids Stay In The Picture eps. At least Cece would know if she's the real thing or not, because in that episode, they (Cece & Charlie) seemed knew each other.

If the spoiler is true, I think the writer lost it's touch. Oh come onnnn.. it's the same old story as Sarah is not Sarah but Georgina, or Poppy and Gabriel the liar couple fiasco.

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The Princesses and the Frog (Season 4)

I can't decide who's best for Blair, Chuck, Louis, or Dan.. they are perfect for her in their own way.

One thing: Please get rid off Raina !!! IDFC if her mother is lost, it's nowhere near the main characters' business. Get your *ss off to Chicago, and bring back our Nate.

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The Kids Stay in the Picture (Season 4)

Eventhou DAIR is very interesting because they do have a lot of commons (that we've never realized before), but if DAIR happens, it would be another lame teen serials where the main characters are just exchanging couple. Sometimes there should be couples that will never be together.

Personally, I loved CHAIR. Yes, loved. Eversince there were Eva and Raina situation, I feel like Chuck changed, not a basstard anymore. Huh..

Point is, I dont know who Blair should end up with, but hey.. they're still 20 years old, why should be thinking about engagement and getting married ? It's still too soon :)



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