Chace was framed

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Ok, so I read the post that started this thread and I think that you are missing the point of what was said.  NO ONE is saying that Chuck was innocent in his actions.  He was out of control and scary, but also know that there are people that are out of control and scary in real life and we should see how this plays out before we judge anything.  That being said, there aren't, however, tons of people selling their girlfriends for a hotel, schemimg every chance they get and being followed by a stalker blogger... GOSSIP GIRL is PURE fantasy and let's keep that in perspective.  

You can not compare what happened to Chuck and Blair to Rihanna and Chris Brown, that just shows your immaturity.  This show shows us a made up world on the UES.  There is no Constance or St. Jude's, where is a Columbia and NYU, I doubt that any of these people would be successful there since they are NEVER in class... Monday night GG is a chance to escape jobs, kids, friends, what ever is heavy in your life and see how messed up these fake rich people live.  

Blair is NOT A VICTIM!!! She knows Chuck better than ANYONE.  If she thought that Chuck was going to harm her, she never would have waltzed into his penthouse and said she was proposed to... She knows just what to say to get Chuck upset and you all have to realize that Blair is ALL ABOUT THE GAME! She is a smart cookie, who just an hour before that had seen Chuck flashing his engagement ring to her.  Not trying to just blame Blair, but Blair has never been weak or dumb and you are all making it out like she has no clue how passionate Chuck is about her. 

I am sure that Chuck will beat himself up much worse than any of you could or the writers...  As mad as Chuck has gotten in the past, he has never shown an aggressive side.  I mean Dan has punched him several times, Carter stole his baseball and money and he only raised his voice a tad, he is normally very cool and states, "I'm Chuck Bass." and everything is ok.   

Honestly, the thing that made me the most upset about Monday's episode is that Nate has NO storyline. He is being a crappy friend and the writers are destroying what ever is left of our favorite Vanderbilt.  You should be pissed about that!

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Soccer World Cup 2010

It was a brutal game!!! We should have won!!  So many yellow cards, just let the boys play!!

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