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Glee Review: La Cuenta, Por Favor!!

I have loved Glee since the very beginning but ai have to agree, this episode was a mess, one of the worse I have seen so far. First of all, I LOOOOVE Ricky Martin but COME ON!!! He wasn't a Spanish teacher, he was Ricky Martin playing a Spanish teacher. It was, to me, totally unbelievable. And the Spanish music....What the hell was that?!?!?!? With all the amazing Spanish songs and Latino singers the best you could come up with was LMFAO??? Madonna and an 80's Gloria Estefan (at least she is Latin American)??? Elvis firkin' Presley?!?!? WTF?? I was extremely disappointed with the music selection, the dancing and the plot that just didn't have a point, made sense, or went anywhere. With a talent like Ricky Martin and with the heat of Latin musi and dancing this should have been AA amazing episode. Instead it was harder to swallow than three week old tortillas..... Shame on you Glee writers!!!