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Wow geek tastic! I AGREE!!!!

Zachary Quinto Speaks on Season Three Sylar

I'm so excited to see what Sylar's character becomes. I always look forward to his hilarious comments!

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Is Ali Larter Good At Playing Jessica?

I think Nikki is played very well. When she becomes jessica its very believeable. Its a hard role to play but she does a good job. Im a huge Slyar / Hiro fan but I have to give respect for Nikki's character!

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I thought it was pretty predicable only because Peter is the first person they showed in the series and it would be very stupid for them to kill him off. I thought the fact Slyar got jackie was planned because we didnt know much about everyones powers yet and they are just trying to reveal what everyone is really capable of. We knew Peter had great ability and that he could fly but we didnt know he could obsorb powers so it was still pretty epic! And thisis one of my favorite episodes

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Peter's Powers.

Im so confused about if Angela is just manipulating Slyar with her powers or she actually is his mother

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