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The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Killer"

I'm going to check but I'm pretty sure Miranda is wrong about the cure only working on vamps that haven't killed yet - if so that would be a pretty pointless cure/weapon since pretty much every vampire has killed. Also why would Rebecca be all hot to trot for it? The reason why killing Connor was such a blow was because he had the map. The first hunter to pop up in 900 years. The others don't know that Jeremy now has it (or the beginnings of one - which creates some a dramatic dilemma for jeremy - kill vamps like his sister so she can be saved) hence the 'let's not tell elena' pact. Miranda - does that make sense now?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 136

Damon: C'mon M'lady - let's party like it's 1869!

Awkward Review: Self-Image Sacrifice

Does anyone else think we're heading for a big 'I choose me' season finale? If you look at the season two trailer there is an 'I love you' scene with Matty and a kissing scene in a kitchen which we haven't seen yet - but don't get too excited Team Matty fans - on closer look they appear to be flashbacks to or re-enactments of big Matty/Jenna moments from season 1 (i.e the sweet sixteen and first date episodes) and the trailer for next week has the big Jake/Jenna moments. So for all of us out there that have taken a side - what's the bigger let down - Jenna choosing the other guy? Or Jenna choosing neither? And whatever happens - with the love triangle resolved one way or the other (or the other) where's the dramatic tension going to come from next season?

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