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Round Table: "The Magnificent Archibalds"

V is the ultimate loser in the world

Oh, V

its definetly the letter which nate wrote for jenny after his leave, and vanessa will destroy it like she destroys every good thing. V, you are the miserableloser. seriosly, wtf!

Gossip Girl Spoiler: No More Nate and Jenny?

eventhoug i think J is still the wannabegirl(pretending creepy rebel!) , i was kinda having fun watching her with N. they were absolutely cute. think about it girls! V and N? no way, V is definetly a lo-ser! and the trailer of themagnificentarchibalds seemed so much about her. seriosly no need of a V? Do we? and really i want N bringing sexyback, not the boring dallas story(druggerdaddy wtf!)

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