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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 3

Elena: And so the lion fell in love with lamb...
Damon: Is that some weird metaphor for you allowing me to eat you?
Elena: What a stupid lamb...


Serena and Nate are meant to be. They had sex at a wedding, forshadow much?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Jenny Wants Nate!

Nice pics ^^.Yay, I have always wanted the NJBC to double date.I wonder why Chuck was yelling at Serena tho. The wait is kiling me already :'(.

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Fav end game?

Which couples do you want as the final endgame??

Me: Dan and Blair, Chuck and his old womanizing self, Nate and Serena. 




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Are there any serenators left? :(

I know a lot of people have jumped the derena ship and I can understand why.

But for a ship I've been shipping since S1 pilot, I'm not gonna give up on them

So is there anyone else out there who still believes that they are endgame or at least have the potential to get back together again?


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youmeatsix (Music)

Omg, serious?

I saw them live this year at Soundwave, it was rad!

And aww <3 That's so cute.


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