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The CW make it blatantly obvious that Chuck is in Paris, so why don't they just say "Chuck mysteriously appears" instead of "when a friend from home mysteriously appears." Either they think we are stupid or he isn't the friend.


What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?
"All I did was love you" heartbreaking but the delivery was sot on.
2. Was Chuck's decision out of character?
I agree with DANdy. Yes and no, with the full-of-heart Chuck we've seen recently its easy to say yes, but DANdy was right when Chuck is insecure he turns into an a**hole.
3. Will Chair survive?
Yes, it won't be easy for them to come back together, Chuck really needs to work and explain it. But at the end of the day they do love each other warts and all. I don't have an issue with how long before they get together, it could be the season finale or it could be season 4, I just want it to feel as if Chuck has made up for it.
The JS spoiler did take away a little from their finale scene, it probably would have been better if it was released after the episode, but at the same time it was comforting for a Chair fan to know this wasn't it.
4. Do you like Jenny?
This changes weekly. While I have never loved her, there are some moments I appreciate her character. Then there are others when I just want to toss her off the Brooklyn Bridge.
5. Cutest supporting character: Eric or Dorota?
I agree they are laying it on thick with Dorota so I would have to go with Eric, he is awesome. But please get a hair cut.


Couple of things:
Loving the Nate and Blair friendship
Chuck's ignorance and denial over what he did is infuriating but at the same time sad and sweet... he truely believed that they could get through anything. Also, I don't hate Chuck I just hate what he did but I do feel it can be forgiven with some explaining and plenty of grovelling. One thing I look forward to is how everything is going to happen. For the first time all year I am so eager to see the next episodes and what happens.

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All Things Chair

Regarding the books: I'm going to be the odd one and say I actually stopped reading the books when I saw that they weren't going to have Chuck and Blair hook up, even as a one night stand. I saw possibilites and I thought it would be funny that if after Blair waited to lose her viginity to Nate she actually lost it to Chuck (oh how I love the show for granting me this).

I actually watched the pilot, saw that it was fairly similar to the book, thought "Oh well they aren't going to grant my wish" and didn't watch it until season 2. I only watched season 2 (and caught up with the rest of the series) because I was flipping through the TV guide (in Australia) and they were promoting the season 2 premiere by talking about where the couples left off and what will happen with them. I skimmed down saw Dan/Serena, Nate/Vanessa and then Chuck/Blair. I saw that read the bit about them and jumped on youtube to catch up, I was (quite embarrassingly so) excited about it then.

Wow, re-reading that I think its safe to say that I will never stop shipping Chair. Oh well.

About the Serena breezing through life and Blair working for everything. This is precisely why I like Blair more than Serena. Blair struggling to get what she wants is more relateable (also at times heartbreaking to watch) than Serena just being handing everything she wants and more.

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All Things Chair

Trying to post an Elle Korea photo, don't know if you guys have seen it yet. But it won't appear, I'll post a link http://tinypic.com/r/oi9l3d/6

Hope that works.

Also what do you think of this. I'm a teacher and one day I was teaching 8-9 year olds. I was walking around the desk and saw a students book covered with pictures of Chuck and Blair (one prominent one was the limo scene). Now I love Chair but seriously 8-9 year olds! That's a bit young for my liking.

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All Things Chair

So I thought I'd toss in a theory based on the s4 spoilers we have already on Chuck and Blair (probably wrong but its fun to speculate).

I was thinking what if Chuck's new identity is something he chose for himself, not to hide from the muggers but something he chose to do.

The last 3 season's Chuck's signature line has been "I'm Chuck Bass", it defines him especially when it comes to his bad qualities (1x17 the NJBC scene etc). So what if, while he was recovering he thought alot about his past actions and started to hate himself for them and how he hurt people, particularly Blair. So he decides to let 'Chuck Bass' die on the streets of Prague and become someone new. After his recovered he starts this new life and finds a girlfriend who is so different from who he was (the warmhearted description). He doesn't return to New York because their is no reason to: Nate's friendship only exists when its convienient for him, Lily's with Rufus so the whole Jenny thing would effect this, the Empire was the reason he done the worse thing possible, and the last words Blair said to him where don't say anything to me ever again.

Of course he runs into Blair and Serena in Paris and everything is gradually found out. Blair confronts him calls him Chuck Bass and the girlfriend is all "I think you've got him confused with someone else" etc. From here they'll have several run ins, until we finally have a moment between Chuck and Blair where he tells her what he did and why he did. During this we could see just how much he regrets what he did to her and he apologises for it, and Blair counters with something similiar to "Chuck Bass doesn't define who you are, you define who Chuck Bass is" encouraging him to stay Chuck Bass but be the better version. From here he decides to go back to New York as Chuck Bass.

If this did happen it would definately show how much they love each other but that they still have to work through things before they get together. It would also set their friendship up as well. Also, in a strange way it also ties in with his claim that "His not Chuck Bass, without her" (just an afterthought).

What do you guys thing? As I said before it's probably wrong but its just another theory.

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