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Family Guy Review: "Brian and Stewie"

It's hard to be a bigger FG fan than me. I confess to watching FG dvd's for several hrs daily in constant awe of of the artistic talents of Seth & Co. HOWEVER, I'm in agreement with many of the above reviews - this episode was AWFUL - I deleted this episode from my DVR and will NEVER watch it again. Is one FLOP out of 150 episodes a sign of things to come? I hope not. . . We've all seen this before, writers burning out and/or writers losing sight of the original formula for success resulting in the DEATH of a show. . . I also agree with the comments above about the Cleveland Show - this show is REALLY BAD (if it's possible, it's even more painful to watch than the 150th episode was.) It's time to return to the original formula. If the writers are burned out - it's time for some fresh writers using the original formula. . .