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Castle Review: Shhh! Someone Knows

The hair doesn't really matter, she is beautiful however she has it. I mostly agree with 'grey' about the rest of the gang already on to them. Except for Gates, but even she may know and just ignores it because she knows the precinct needs Beckett! Certainly, she already knows how well they work together and that both Kate and Castle need that in their lives. I think Lanie gave us a hint that she knew when she pointed to both of them when confronting them about 'the glow'. They all know she has a boyfriend now, and they all know how much Castle adores her, so how could they not see that Castle is not brokenhearted over it? His willingness to accept it so easily is a dead giveaway to me! I think they are just stepping back quietly to allow them to carry on their facade! It allows them to tease them a bit more. Ryan has to know already! When he brought Kate safely to the rooftop, her only statement was, "Castle?" And this was shortly after Kate had proclaimed that Castle was 'off the team'. Next day he catches Castle in her apartment! The man is a detective for crying out loud! I like thinking (because I know I could well be wrong!) that Lanie, Javy and Kevin all realize that they are finally together and they already know that they should be together. No way are any of them going to want to be the one that ultimately breaks up their work partnership! These writers are the best, and they will figure out how to keep them working together as that is the basis of the show! Can hardly wait for Monday night in the Hamptons!