Discovered by Elia Kazan in 1955 to play  in original Broadway Cast of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Spent the next 5 years in NY theatre/TV. Parents moved to the stix and I went back to obscurity. Have made my living as a writer since.

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Grimm Review: Code Breakers

Poor main story, promising implications. The idea that the procedurals will morph into a modern "Lord of the Rings", where Renard and Nick go off to fight the good fight against the Legion of Darkness makes me salivate.

Smash Review: The Hit List is a Go!

It seems from these comments that the writers may think that realistic depictions of showpeople in love should be more interesting to audiences than making them act like everyday people. As someone who started on Broadway nearly 60 years ago, I can tell you that Karen's infatuation with Jimmy is prototypical of the romances I have seen over my career. Actors have to spend their lives faking emotions. Romance is never easy, because only a few actors can control their identities. Why do you think that broadway romances begin and end so abruptly? No actor should be paired with anyone less than 10 years older than they, and few should be paired with fellow actors. As for last week's episode, I suspect, and hope, that the reformed and repentant Ivy gets the chance to play Marilyn for Tom and Derek gets to direct Karen. Not sure what's going to happen with the Jimmy/Karen/Derek/Ivy quadrangle. If it resolves like a Broadway musical, Jimmy will lose Karen only to get her in the end, and Derek will go back to Ivy once she has proven herself. The tease at the end of this episode was delicious.


Only thing worse than last week's show were the defenses of fans on this list. Joe crossed the line when he took Emma. His fidelity to his wife was the one hook for his humanity. He is now totally evil, without hope of redemption. Unlike Hannibal, whose love for Clarice (read the books) redeems him, Joe is nothing more than an animal now. How long are we going to want to watch a story about truly rotten people who don't have the intelligence to kill off their enemies?