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The Secret Circle Round Table: "Beneath"

1. The catfight between Cassie and Faye. I'm a sucker for cat-fights and THIS one was good. I was expecting a cat fight even in TVD (elena-becca) but it wasnt much of a catfight now, was it? I especially love Cassie's comeback. I think even I'm tired of seeing Faye push everyone around. 2.Cake. Mmm. Yes. I love cakes. Can you tell ? 3. I like Adam and Diana. Way more chemistry than the supposed 'sparks' between Cassie and Adam. I *hope* they get back soon, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. 4. Jake switches loyalty. That's all THAT matters. I love Cake.

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everyone needs to see this :)

Im tyler ! Go Saggi! <3

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S3E3 Ep thread

Wow. I'm surprised some people didnt like this episode.  Maybe because I didn't really read any spoilers or witness the hype, I only do that after the episode, to enjoy it truly. With that I'll say, this episode RARELY had any cons. I liked every bit of it. Although I'm not a huge fan of Elena Gilbert, I think I felt so sorry for her in this episode. Whatever it is, it hurts when a man who you love tells you to leave him alone. But that will keep her shut for sometime now. NOW i'm really curious to where this plot brings us to!

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"The Hybrid" review

Exactly. I agree that I only hold my interest in his story because Stefan is in there. Hopefully, that brings some serious twist to this plot. Wow, Klaus became boring in such a short time. Katherine had us hanging there for a long long time. 

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