My Favorite Characterrrs!<3;D!

Ed Westwick,Chuck Bass.

Leighton Messter,Blair Waldorf .

Taylor Momsen,Jenny Humphrey.

Okay. The name is Olivia Byers I'm fourteen years young and single. I walk the halls at the unfamous Studebaker Middle School as an eighth grader. I play soccer and watch Gossip Girl every week(:. I'm always a happy person and i laugh about everyday. I take what life throws at me, I live EVERY minute of my life to the fullest. i have made mistakes in my life, and that is what made who i am today. i am usually listenin to my ipod to drown out all the drama and craziness in my life. i hate people who change who they are just to please people.i love hanginn wiff my true friends. you know who you are.:D...Oh.Im a big fan of Gossip Girl,As you can tell.Lmao.My idol is Jenny//Taylor.Idc if anyone thinks diff.I hate Dan Humphrey,He's a hypocrite all the wayy!.And Serena is old news.Chuck is mine by the wayy!.And I'll do anything to meet Taylor,Ed and Leighton.(;

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Shes sexyy!Lmao.

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I adore Jenny(:
I love her so much.
All haters,LEAVE.NO one cares about your stupid jealous comments.Shes gorgeous and your prlly sittin at home,Really ugly.SO go get a life and stfu your haters(:


Im puzzled.
I dont know whats gonna happen.
I want Chuck and Blair to get together.(: