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Delena is amazing together. I'm actually surprised people at this point love Stefan and Elena together; it's like watching a "wet-blanket." I'm sorry that's just my opinion. Can't you all see the chemistry between Damon and Elena? Yes, there is a certain beauty in Stefan and Elena's love...and I do love him, but I feel like it was "first love" - "high school romance"....finding Stefan will only bring Elena and Damon together even more. Sure it will be a slow process, but it will do justice to them. They wouldn't keep having them come together like they have if nothing was going to happen. I kind of just wish Katherine and Stefan would get together, but I highly doubt that would happen. I don't know if Delena will be endgame (wish they would), but at some point something big will happen. I do feel that. DELENA FOREVER!!! (Must say though, cannot wait to see Stefan as the Ripper. Time to spice up his character.)

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I cannot wait!!!!!

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They are totally building up the tension and chemistry between Delena... it's going slow because if it happened, then they might ruin it or it would end and she would end up with Stefan again. I cannot wait for them to happen, and they better! The writers clearly made us all fall in love with Delena - Rose is just annoying. Her character is blah all around... like go away and stay gone.. But it doesn't look to good for her in the next episode. I saw an extended preview and Elena has a knife and is running from Rose. The werewolf girl tells Damon to stake her to take the "misery" away then... so hopefully he'll rescue Elena. Stefan and Katherine during this episode was such a letdown. I wanted them to hook up and Elena to walk in and see them... then turn to Damon for comfort :) It's like, why did the writers even put him in the tomb... and make such a BIG deal about it. And they hyped it up when Stefan was telling Damon just to protect her... this could've been Delena's chance to grow extremely close. Just sucks.. the whole episode did. Except Tyler stuff! :)

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