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Scandal Review: Who Shot Fitz!?

@Yoshitoshi that is a good idea of Cy pinning the vote rigging on Sally and Hollis but if this story comes out as Sally/Hollis being in the middle of that scandal, I am not sure the general public will be convinced that Fitz wasn’t in on it either (whether he is in the hospital or not). Cy will never do anything to harm Fitz’s presidency.
The million dollar question is who put Huck up to this? Was he working on his own because he thought the government robbed him of being “normal� and he felt that the only way to get back at the government is to shot the president? Does this mean that Huck will soon leave the show? He is a view favorite!!!!!
I don’t envy Olivia. She is caught in the middle of helping family (Huck) and helping the love of her life (Fitz). How is she going to fix this one?


@ Miranda you twisted my arm and I have registered and resubmitting my questions. I will hold you to your promise - No Spam Thanks Miranda & TV fanatic for arranging this. Kerry you rock!!! Cyrus is such a complicated and hard to read character but I am totally fascinated by him. My questions are; (1) Does Olivia consider Cyrus a friend or a foe? (2) How does Cyrus really feel about the scandalous relationship between Fitz and Olivia?