I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy! I adore Owen. He's flippin' gorgeous. Cristina and Owen definitely make the show worth watching. But the show itself is amazing! I hate waiting for the next episode to premiere. It's totally torture...
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best tearjerker scene (Episodes)

William's execution was pretty sad, even though people like that deserve it i guess... and... I thought that the scene with Izzie and Denny outside the hospital was pretty sad. When she finally realized she was sick and all... that was a tear jerker for me. But pretty much every scene in this season has been sad!!! :(

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

Cristina and Owen should definitely be number 1. Or at least in the top 5. They have great chemistry! They're a bit different, though. But God, Owen is so flippin' hot!! (:

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