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Who is TV's best teen couple?

Why I can't vote for Datherine -.-"
And Delena sucks!!!

Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Katherine and Damon
Jeremy and Anna
Caroline and Tyler

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There's like a six year difference between Damon and Elena

From where you know that Damon is 23?It was never mentioned how old he is.I think he is 21.But I am totally against Delena of course,nothing sucks more!But Elena is as old as kat xD,I think kat is 18 or 19 in human years

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New TVD Spoiler!

Season 3 is awesome because of the originals,but damon sucks with elena,but we saw kat loves damon,well I love Klaus so much *__* that I say season 3 is the best.Team Original!!In season 1 Damon rocked and he was kat obsessive *what I love* but Klaus conquered my heart xD so for me season 3 beats season 1

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Stelena & Delena Destructive unhealthy relationships!

Datherine 4ever I just wanna say ;)

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