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Excellent episode, though it did fall a little short in a couple of areas... Reid beating Morgan in the office basketball pool -- what basketball?? College hasn't started yet, and the NBA is in a lockout.
"Pain Asymbolia" or something exactly like it was featured in an episode of "House".
Those aren't big deals at all, of course, and the practical joke war was terrific. I was a little disappointed that Hotchner let Jack off the hook regarding the problems with a near-bully, but maybe we're not done with that storyline yet.
The ONE thing I hated, and have hated for a short while as its gotten worse, is the MUSIC.
Most dramas use the music as foreshadowing, which I understand (and one reason I love "The Closer", with its near-constant music -- few giveaways as to what's coming up next), but "Criminal Minds" has gone way overboard with the volume and type of 'mood music' they're playing... like a sitcom with a too-loud laugh track which runs too often, they're taking away from the suspense of the acting and writing.
Just my opinion.

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