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Gossip Girl Round Table: "Belles Du Jour"

Ballison! OTP! I'm impressed by your fidelity, Gossip Guy. You'd better buy her that ring, though. :3

Awful Gossip Girl Rumor Debunked

Who cares? He's already done the same in an emotional capacity. I just wish fandom would wake up and smell the sexism.

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Chuck loves Disney movies

chuck is clearly singing the rihanna parts


I luh you guise.<3

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Rate tonight's episode?

2. Because I hate seeing Westwick with puppy dog eyes like HE is the one being victimized. Blair was a total doormat. I helpfully supplied a loud "YES!" when Chuck asked "Do you really hate me that much?", but alas. TAKE A STAND, BLAIR. And all of the vacillating was TERRIBLY annoying and really deathly dull. I don't want to watch 4 people sitting around being indecisive, and I'm really not fond of Danessa, either. But, although I don't particularly like V, I was glad to see her with a female ~friend. They all need more friends around here.

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Why Chuck Bass should go die in a fire...

My bb 12_12_12 wrote a supermegafoxyawesomehot essay on why Chuck's behavior is so inexcusable and why Eva's a terrible gender!fail that only exists to pimp him. GO READ IT, EVERYONE. YOU WILL LOVE IT. EVERY FANTABULOUS WORD.<3

Carry on the lovely Chuck-bashing! We've got a long way to go to make up for the in-show pimping and magical clean-slate ploys. ugh.

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