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The Vampire Diaries Review: O Holy Fright

Am I the only one who felt terrible for Stefan, even though I want Delena to happen it seems as if this episode was of no good for Stelena fans or Delena fans. I liked the way it ended though, don't get me wrong I am mourning mayor Lockwood but it was so poetic, from Klaus talking about the symmetry to the snowflake replacement of the usual drop of blood with "have yourself a merry little christmas playing.

Beauty and the Beast Review: Taking a Chance

The CW really does know it's cliff hangers I'll give them that. The episode was so good in the beginning right till the scene where vincent leaves the wedding. As far as Evan is concerned I think I agree with including him because he was going to figure it out anyway and now they just made it more interesting by determining how he does that. It was really nice to see the relationship between Cat and Vincent grow, atleast they admitted the nature of the relationship, right?? Or was that just me being delusional?

Revenge Round Table: "Revelations"

I really am loving the relationship between Aiden and Emily with the honesty so I wouldn't want this new unholy alliance with Victoria to destroy that but also Aiden seems a bit too good to be true for Emily, what if he is playing her again in which case Emily would be hurt so bad either her worse side will be unleashed or she will lose sight of the plan which is unlikely....and now I am ranting so anyway great episode loved seeing Ashley fall down the social ladder but pretty sure that was not the last we see of her.