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Wait... Is Serena's new boy toy Joanie's Husband?!


Why did she even bother to put on a top? Good lord Blake...


This video.... I don't know where to begin. she really knows how to win people over doesn't she? And once again, WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?!

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new bomb drugs & Prince Louis return (Spoilers)


But chuck has a witness that he was somewhere else, that is Blair. But he doesn't want her to be involved, so he ends up in prison. 

hahahah lmao  

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A? Jenna?

hey guys

I just started watching this show, and for anyone who read the books, do we ever find out who A is? 

And is Jena really blind or is she faking it? 


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Damien Dalgaard & Jack Bass

That's true! both of them were in Wrong Turn. Love them!

omg I remember that movie. That movie was so bad it was awesome. Bad horror movies are the best 

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