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I totally agree! VD was the best show this year and I can't wait for next season. Tough I'm not so sure if I'll like Nina playing two roles. Somehow this is always weird and unreal. So I really hope that Damon will kill Katherine at some point and end up with Elena. That's my only wish for Season Number 2. And don't let Caroline die -> she's a cute girl!


Because honestly I can't believe that this is really gonna happen. I think this might be a dream or a wish of Damon or Elena.
However, I hope so much that they kiss for real!
DAMON & ELENA - that's the way it should be!!!

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What does Damon say?

I don't want Damon to confess his feelings for Elena once again. I think that Elena should make the next step and tell him how much she loves him, wants him and cares for him. Of course, in order to do so she first has to feel that way. So I really hope that the TVD-writes make a move and progress Elena's feelings for Damon. I want Delena to happen soon. I can't wait another season!
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If you could bring back any dead characters, which would you bring back?

I miss Elijah too!!! He was so hot and powerful!

And if I could I'd also bring back Trevor and Slater. I liked them both very much. Trevor was kinda cute and I'm glad that we're going to see him in some flashbacks. Slater was very smart and I love smart guys :-)

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How old are you?

29 - guess i'm the oldest here. an original :)

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