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To quote Elijah OMFG!!! What an episode!!! The writers of VD...gawd they r brilliant. The only thing that was predictable about the whole episode was Elijah's death. Pity he wasn't smart enuff to realize his brother was playing him. Damn! But I am sure he'll be back sometime in season 3. And Damon, he broke my heart in this episode. He just accepted his fate and began to rehash the choices he made that led him to that moment. Elena was awesome with Damon and I am glad she kissed him and I totally love the way he said thank you after that...like he understood where she was coming from. It's nice to know that Kat has a conscience for a moment like Stefan I didn't think she would give Damon Klaus's blood.
Stefan just went from interesting to really interesting. His dark side is back and there's going to be consequences.
And OMG Anna and Vickie back as ghosts or people in limbo or whatever...yikes...and only Jer can see them...double yikes...i wonder if it applies to all dead?? All in all a brilliant episode and fantastic acting by the cast...I don't think I can survive 3 months without VD!

Glee Review: "Prom Queen"

Did anyone else love Jesse entrance. It was toe-curlingly (is that a word?) epic!!! I love me some Jonathan Groff. The episode wasn't well put together. There were parts that I really loved and others that just left me cold. I love the Prom-on-a-budget thing that Sam, Mercedes and Rachel did. Ha, that was sweet :) Jesse rubbing Finn the wrong way was a thumbs up. Finn really has been a douche this season. I was rooting for Finchel in the beginning but can we have Rachel with someone who respects her and is not a hypocrite?? I agree with some posters here who say that the Quinn-Rachel scene fell flat. What was the point of that slap exactly?? Chris Colfer as Kurt was awesome just wish he had sung. Loved Jar of Hearts and Dancing Queen