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Mad Men Review: It Turns To Crap

I didn't think Lane was acting out of character at all by forging Don's name and then committing suicide. He was facing financial ruin; the prospect of having to face his abusive father as a failure; the loss of his British pride--makes it easy for me to understand. When you're young, it's easy to bounce back. Lane was a settled, middle-aged man. He had more to lose. Also, he was the sensitive type. Don commented that he had had to start over lots of times, but Don is a different kind of guy. To Lane, the prospect of starting all over again was akin to climbing Mount Everest in his bare feet (dumb analogy, I know, but you get my drift). I love Don, but I do think he could have handled the discovery of the check differently. Everything Lane said was true. None of them would be sitting there if not for him, and he never did get the accolades that the bigger personalities got. I felt he deserved some consideration. Anything but having the rug pulled out from under his whole life.