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Californication to Stage Lost Reunion

Grace is not a great actress. I gotta fin says she gets no series that she carries herself.
Gimmick reunitings blow. And those two may have had four lines together on that series.


The show is somewhat hampered because it needs exposition to explain what's going on off screen. There can be no voice overs (Or, I guess there can, but it draws away from the excitement) so they need characters to talk to each other to explain things. This is usually accomplished by having a sage character speak to a neophyte. Tywin and Arya fit that bill perfectly, and so it makes sense...And I am surprised anyone could use this match up in a negative light....In my opinion, those scenes were some of the best of the entire run.

New Girl Review: Call Of The Wild

Liv is correct. The Reigning King Of Token Character is indeed T-Dog from The Walking Dead. That guy gets entire, not just eps, but series of eps, where he says nothing. Terrible.
Winston's just a very poorly used character. For a guy who's so funny, it's a drag. Forgo the Jess/Nick plot for more stuff with him, please.

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