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Switched at Birth Review: Identity Crisis

I agree with the whole Toby meeting up with the long lost grandfather thing. It felt a little rushed. They would have been better to either cut it out completly or to devoat an entire episode to it and get everyone involved and have an opinion on it in some way.

The Carrie Diaries Review: Time to Pretend

ok firstly the gay bff should be stanford not walt. Also why weren't the two bffs not in the original SATC. And I know the makers are tryig really hard not to draw comparisons between the two its really hard too. Like for instance the young carrie has lost a lot of weight to become the carrie bradshaw we all know from SATC, yet props to the makers because the eyes are kind of SJP like


Ok loved this concept, and the show was great. I just hope the guy who plays Sebastien doesn't get too type cast. This is the third show in what 4 years where he's played a very similar character, Nate Archibald character. See Life Unexpected and Switched at Birth. Although I really shouldn't be complaining as he is very gorgous.

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