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Glee Review: La Cuenta, Por Favor!!

I was once a complete glee crazy. My roommate hated me and the constant glee music in the background. I've watched the first episode... a million and one times.
I have to say though, I completely agree with Matt. Glee started loosing me in the second season, and now I haven't even watched the last few episodes. If it was always just supposed to be a show about singing, then fine. But after a great first season with pretty good character development, Glee set a precedent that it seemingly can't live up to anymore.
On another note, I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone qualified to write a good review about any recent Glee episode. I'm constantly reading horrible things in the press - it seems the majority agree with us.

Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

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Homeland Review: The Lie Detector

That's so interesting that the bad guy could be Saul, I totally missed that in the last episode, including the mention of him being a POW. I don't get how he could have been turned for Nazzir in Malaysia though... isn't that on a different continent?