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Josh has just tweeted that the rumor is FAKE.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Couple in Trouble

Ok I love Lily and Rufus..but if they would ever ever break upp..this would meann that there are still chances for Derenaa!

Happy Birthday, Penn Badgley!

hapy birthday!
hope he has a great day!

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How do you think Dan is gonna react to Serena and Nate?

I think he won't react at all..but I wish he will!

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what do u think about NS & DV

I'm a Derena all the way so..yeah NS were really cute last night and I'm stil surprised by DV..I hope (and i'm really sorry for saying this) Lily and Rufus break up so there will be more chances for DS..come on..they're made for each other!

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DS again?

after 20 years of multiple divorces and kids, they run into each other and realise that they never really stopped loving each other and then finally get married.

that's what i think too :) I think that they never have stopped loving each other, they were so in love and that was true love

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