The name is well, you don't need to know my real name so its PlayNiceGabe, the meaning behind that is telling Gabriel Gray {Sylar to play nice with others,} original it was going to be PlayNiceGabeAndPete.. but that was to long ^.^ I have been  a fan of  heroes for about three.. years now, It took me only two and half days to watch  season one, {I did not get into heroes until the summer of 2006, and my dad had the eppy's recorded from the dvr, so i watched them from their}} If you can not tell sylar is my favorite character always has been and always will...   i am a very big Syelle fan and was very mad when the decided to kill her off, but keep Ali Larter {Niki..sory jessica..erm Tracy}} around!
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Zachary Quinto: Not Leaving Heroes

Elle and Adam? Hell yeah 100% agree with you there, i wonder how many fans would come back if they found away to bring them back. Why is that they always get rid of the best characters? I was a huge fan of Syelle, and Adam Hes the one that started the whole company in the first place.


The finale was great needles to say that it is a drama and some characters need to go, in order to save the show. Claire could have gave nathan her blood, but no matter what he still would have died. Sylar is alive he is nathan, Nathan is really dead, but Peter and Claire will never know that. Just by seeing the first half of voulme 5 we already know that, Sylar is going to figure out that something is not right. Only sylar can fix clocks not nathan. The more he goes on with life, the more he will touch things that he onces touched before when he was Sylar. If he touches peter wouldn't that bring back all his memories. What ever happend to the Haiten? is he still alive? He could have erased Sylar's memory unsted of Parkman.

Adrian Pasdar Teases Sylar/Nathan Battle

I agree with What Courtney said the writters need to remember that Nathan is really not there, Its only Sylar battle with his self Identy, when Parkman brainwashed him.. I like the Idea of a self battle it kind of reminds me of, Season one with Nikki/Jessica. If the writters can pull this off, and keep everything stright, This would probalay be the best season since, season one..