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Plec hints about love triangle in season finale

"We will know, when the finale is over, where everyone stands in the context of the Stefan/Damon/Elena triangle," reveals the EP. "It will definitely set all three of them on a very different and interesting path when we move forward." [taken from http://tvline.com/2013/04/19/may-season-finale-spoilers-2013-sweeps-photos-once-upon-a-time/#28/vampirediaries/ ]

I'm predicting an "I choose me" (for BH90210 fans!) moment for Elena. 

I say predicting, I also mean hoping for. I just feel that putting the love triangle on the back burner for a bit and perhaps pairing Elena with someone(s) different could be really good thing. It would allow Elena to develop her personality and character, plus give her independence from the Salvatore brothers. 

Let's face it, there will be no resolution to this love triangle until the show ends for good as it is too central to the show (or dare I say, one of the actors leaves). But there's nothing wrong with ignoring it for a bit - other teen dramas of times gone by did the same. 

That said, I suppose it does depend on who takes the cure. 


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