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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 136

Chuck : So yours is beige... right?
Eva: Chuck, just how many pair of panties do you have in that bag?
Chuck: Oh, just yours and the rest are Blair's. :)


i really dont like Jenny right now.
the first season was really cute of her. but that's it.
now she is totally another person (and a bitchy one too) so i hope she leaves the show... or die on the show.


I think the shirt in Jenny's bag is put there by Jenny. nothing really happened between them. I think its just another act of hers to separate Serena & Nate! And Serena's dad is like really handsome... lol maybe there is some genetics illness. so that's why Lily needs the dad to be back to ensure that Serena & Eric didn't catch the illness.... or something like that...! and that is a lame attempt of Blair to try to move on. frankly, who CAN move on from Chuck Bass? lol