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i love Teddy, she's the slightly balanced one amongst the crowd there, and this is such a great chance to see her character develop. Kim Raver is a fantastic actress who's been somewhat underused since the beginning in the show and finally gets her due!

Grey's Anatomy Review: Batter Up!

the best was when Christina says "Your mom would be so proud" and then they burst out laughing! Ellis Grey must have rolled in her grave when Meredith said her mom's hypothesis was wrong! Also Callie saying "dont worry its her boob, she's in great hands" and then snorts, was such a throwback to old Grey's episodes!!
This episode made me reseal why I love this show!!!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 165

Chuck: Why so serious?
Eva: I didn't get a dialogue in HP7. :(

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Possible spoiler *not confirmed* (Spoilers)

Callie goes through a med emergency for sure. Hence the singing. And also Addison is coming down from PP for the same. But Shonda had confirmed earlier that this isn't like other Grey's pregnancies (Chris, Mer) and will stay. SO I hope she and the Sloan-Torres-Robbins baby makes it!

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