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Who should Blair be with on Gossip Girl?

i find it really really funny how some Dair fans think that they are all that, and try to degrade us Chair fans. Now don't get me wrong all fandoms have some crazy people in them but i see a pattern with Dair. They always think of Chuck as a monster and all that he did was unforgivable and that dear Dan is a saint. May i remind you all the shit that Dan has done in the past, but i refuse to bring any of his mistake in the past because thats what it is THE PAST. Let the past be, and stop brining up what chuck did to blair and all this other bullshit. Chuck grew up, and I'm sorry but its painfully obvious that Dan has not. All the mistakes that he keeps on doing, and all the selfish acts that he insists on doing, no longer makes him a likable character. Im letting Dan and Blair have their moment because thats all it will ever be, even dumb Safron has repeated the same thing over and over again "Chuck and Blair will NEVER be over". Sorrt Dair fans, but the story line is just a filler.