hello everyone !

i absolutely love glee and gossip girl !

i'm a chair shipper- always !

my favourite character in gossip girl is chuck

my favourite character in glee is rachel berry


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Just get rid of louis already !! who actually voted for him ?? XD he has like 1% right now !? i'm shocked he even has that to be honest XD oh and chuck all the way :) !!!!!!!!


woah theres a lot of negativity towards the show right now ! like i must admit i was a tad shocked reading some of the comments but unfortunately i agree with some ...
the writers screwed over almost everything ! theres no couple that they haven't completely ruined or made the fans turn against ! i agree that they should get their act together and fix the characters before the season ends ... serena and nate need to be particularly focused on !! both have such a lack of any interesting development ! Chuck needs to continue the therapy and try regain some respect from fans ! Blair needs major work aswell right now ! she's really changed from her old self ! the fairytale bs has to go ! who agrees to marry someone they barely know !? certainly not the blair we used to know ! And dan really needs to stop being like a labrador ! he used to be a greta character but sadly theyve managed to degrade him a lot :(
I can't imagine the day i wouldn't like or watch gg and it would be a shame for it to end before the writers try fix the damage they've caused !! Reading some comments on this has been awakening ! the writers have seemed to ruin the show and characters we know and love, i sincerely hope they get their act together and work on this show to make it what we all fell in love with !! and no its not another rant by me .... just felt the need to say this after reading the comments lately .... i want gg to be the show we all fell in love with


@Miss Mars
I'm glad to see someone like you ! people that aren't afraid to voice their opinions yet go about it in a nice way :) i am very tired of the chair and dair communitites attacking each other ! i hope you keep being nice on these and i do really respect your opinions !! it's important for fans to hear one anothers points of view and at the end of the day we all love the same show :)
I'd love to say i hope dair works out for you because you're so nice but as you know i'm still rooting chair, nonetheless though good luck to all the different shippers out there :) we all commit to the show so i guess we all feel entitled to our favourite couple working out .. unfortunately they all can't be winners :( still good luck with dair miss mars and i hope if the writers go that way that they wont screw with dan and blair like they did with blair and chuck :)