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Castle Season 7 Episode 2 Review: Montreal

Actually I was hoping for a Halloween wedding since that is one of Castle's favorite holidays. Also while everyone seems back to normal - Alexis is being an adult, Castle is being a child, Martha is chasing a man, Espo is picking on Ryan - some of it is a little forced, mostly Castle. But everyone is trying so that's good. But am I the only one who got the joke about Canada (or at least I think it was a joke)? Nathan and Stana are both from Canada. Yes, there are still questions but the back story is supposed to run all season.

NCIS Review: Hashtag Rescue

First - I believe it was mentioned during their engagement that Breena was a mortician and had been elected head of her local union chapter.
Second - during Mike Franks' time as an agent a woman agent could have probably fit in as "one of the guys" by out drinking her fellow agents or telling dirtier jokes or driving a bigger motorcycle. That sounds like Vera to me.
Third - if it had been a big concert for a band with a cult like following followed by college kids going on fall break I could see a lot of them being out somewhere (hiking, boating, driving around, etc.) where they could spot a low flying plane. The area shown on the map is very rural farm country but a lot of people from DC and Maryland would go to the Chesapeake Bay on a pretty weekend for recreation. I live in Virginia so I know the area they're talking about.
Lastly, I do think the show let McGee off a little too easy for losing his badge. That's a big deal and they have procedures for that sort of thing so I don't think Gibbs or Vance can get him out of it.

NCIS Review: You Are Not Alone

OK, it cut off my last comment.
I'm ticked both that they killed another female character we cared about as well as breaking the one "normal" family we had among the main characters.
Was Eli's Iranian counterpart killed in DC? I'll have to watch again but I thought he was killed somewhere else on his way home - Paris or London perhaps? More time to set it up and less chance of getting the Americans involved.
Also Jackie was listed as being in the episode but I don't remember seeing her. Will have to watch it again.