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How I Met Your Mother: Renewed!

yay for more HIMYM! I dont even care who the mother is anymore, I just love this show!

Skins Review: All About Stanley

I had really really high hopes for this show, being a huge fan of the original and not one of those 'I'll never watch US Skins 'cause that'd be betraying UK Skins'. It's just not delivering. Britne Oldford (the actress portraying Cadie) and maybe Rachel Thevenard (Michelle) are the only 2 people that I feel could actually act. Some of the dialogue is copied from the original, some of it is re-written which kinda screws it up for me. There's no way that the actors from US Skins could compare to the UK actors, especially James (Tony) even though I'll admit he's beter looking than Nic Hoult. The only 3 characters I like are Cadie, Michelle and Tea. Cadie and Tea because they're original (Cadie isn't really like Cassie) and Michelle because the actress who played the original Michelle was meh for me. Anyway, this episode was better, but was it Skins standard? NO.

How I Met Your Mother Review: "Oh Honey"

Katy Perry's character was adorbss! Srsly. I KNEW Zoe and Ted were gonna hook up as soon as I saw them! I mean, it was pretty obvi but anyways.

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