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all you need to know is that I'm big fan of Chuck Bass..
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Who is Leaving New Directions?

FINALLY! I couldnt stand that girl. it's time for Quick :)

Gossip Girl Promos: "Touch of Eva"

lol. why canadian promos always reveal the biggest secrets of the episode? don't like that :D I know there were spoilers about Eva being a prostitute but think about someone who didn't read them. now you don't even have to watch that episode when you know everything.
by the way, Blair's hair look amazing on that charity event or wherever she is in 0:15 in Canadian promo.


this scene was so hilarious! xD

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Season 4-you want... (Spoilers)

I want Dan and Vanessa to go to Brooklyn and never come back to the UES

this! and..Cherena or Chenny. I'm not interested in boring Chair's relationship..and I want Chuck to be like in season 1. the hair, the womanizing personality ♥

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Worst Blair Outfits

well right now I can find plenty of her outfits which I hated.

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Looking Back @ Season One

1. Miss Mystic Falls, Isobel

2. Damon, Elena, Jeremy

3. Damon&Elena

4. Isobel

5. Lifehouse - It is what it is

6. Damon


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