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Hmm... or Nate? Since Nate is with Blair at that moment.


Is this evidence that Dan is Gossip Girl?


Just putting it out there, viewers like me who are tired of being jerked around are the reason ratings were low enough to warrant a shortened season. Honestly, I'm shocked and a little disappointed it wasn't canceled outright, given that viewership was significantly lower than other CW shows that got cut. If ratings drop off much more, it might not even get its full run (which I consider a well-deserved punishment after serving us garbage on a platter and calling it parallels). I'm as "real" of a fan as anyone else, but I no longer support the writers and their creative decisions. There comes a point when canon is no longer relevant, and it becomes up to the fandom to write stories that do the characters justice. That search for closure usually happens after a show ends, but in GG's case, it started prematurely. We know and love the characters well enough that the TV-created universe can live on without the show.

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Dare to Dair?

The more I go back and watch Dair and Chair scenes from this season, the more I think the writers have got to be on crack if they put Blair back with Chuck. The way they've set it up, this is no longer a legitimate triangle. GG's writers should not have been awarded a renewal for colossally bad, schizophrenic writing.

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