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I was very disappointed. First of all, the plane crash storyline was completely unnecessary. Instead, there should have been more dialog scenes with the other stories between Christina & Owen and Mer & Der. Seems like Shonda tried to cram way too much in too little time!!
I'm probably in the minority, but I love Alex. He screwed up after drinking too much and immediately regretted it. Who hasn't done the same? He should be chief resident.
Plus, WHAT"S UP WITH ALL THE COMMERCIALS? There was about 34 minutes of actual show and the rest was commercials.
I hope next season the writers spend more time with each storyline. Last night was like watching a tornado!

Grey's Anatomy Music From "Don't Deceive Me"

At the end of episode 13, Don't Deceive Me" it was announced some of the music was by "The Boxer Rebellion", yet you don't list any song by them. Can you find out what the song was that they included?