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Grey's Anatomy Season Six: The First Promo

Cindy, I want to watch for Izzie and to say goodbye to George. I have followed his journey from day 1 and loved him from day 1. I just don't know how I can do it. It's going to be so hard to watch that. They should have never killed him.

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Cindy is right, there are still a lot of fans who think Katie is fabulous. I'm one of them. If she was so hated, her movies would have bombed not made so much money. It's just common to hit on a girl who has it all: beauty, success, love and talent. She and Josh seem so in love. They make a great couple. P.S.: I also hope you don't stop posting TR photos and news. A lot of us here care about him even if he's no longer on Grey.

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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

I know. I don't know what relationships she knows, but she writes them all dysfunctional, co-dependent and abusive.


George and Izzie were the exception, but she still had them start as an affair. She had a golden couple aand totally wasted them.


I'm glad Shonda haad that epiphany about George needing to be in the elevator. George and Gizzie both deserved it!

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TR Knight & George O'Malley Appreciation Thread

He totally is. Is there still hope for Parade to go to Broadway? I really want to go see it.

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Character Elimination V2.0!

Meredith Grey - 52

Cristina Yang - 14

Derek Shepherd - 63

Mark Sloan - 6

Callie Torres - 8

Arizona Robbins - 13

Lexie Grey - 1


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