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I watched the summer shows choosing the new young person for Glee, "The Glee Project," and I was very excited to see Blake Jenner as Ryder in the role of Danny. He is a fantastic actor, dancer and singer, fitting right in with the other existing actors, proving he was the best choice for winner of the Glee Project. I'm also glad they are continuing to show "Unique" in more than his two appearances that he won originally. Sam, the guy with dreadlocks, has also been carried over and appearing now in the song/dance routines instead of only being the religious guy who plays guitar. I love musical theatre and at "retirement age," I love this show!

Glee Review: Give Your Heart a Break

This was the best show I've seen for a long time! Even tho it was sad, it was quality writing, great singing, and there was a great story line that moved naturally, didn't seem written just for a particular song or particular character. I hope the rest of the season looks up for the "losers" in each breakup couple. It will be fun to watch for new coupling to occur. I think we've already seen it in Rachel & Brody. The reality of long distance relationships being difficult to maintain was a tough lesson learned.

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