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Seriously, Sandra OH deserves to win an Emmy. She's been on her A-game every year, and never fails to make whatever storyline they give her ,work. I'm hoping she wins it this year.


Anywho, I really would be sad if they broke up, but it is a drama afterall. Every couple on this show has to breakup at least once, and it's possibly their time to do so. It's difficult to find a way to even compromise this sistiuation, because you can't when it comes to having or not having kids. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst.


@Lina: Yeah I don't think there is another reason as to why Arizona doesn't want kids. She just doesn't want them. Alot of people just don't want kids. Of course she likes kids,she chose to be a Pediatric surgeon. Just doesn't mean she wants them in there personal life.

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Ausiello spoils the finale (Spoilers)

Pretty excited to see Mer have something (and it sounds big) to do in the finale. Hopefully some decent resolution for Callie and Arizona before the season ends.

 I agree... I cant believe this triangle has to be from Owen POV, and him deciding. Cristina deserves better, if he has to DECIDE over her or Teddy. 

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Do we know Meredith or Cristina's middle names yet?

I don' know if Burke's conunts because hes no longer on the show but his was:

Preston Xavier Burke

and we know Callie's:

Calliope Iphigenia Torres

That's all I've got at the moment..


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Who should be the next couple to be married?

Definitley Callie and Arizona.

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