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Glee Review: Taking a Holiday...

The kids nowadays don't are so lucky. The need for an episode like this is due to the dramatic lack of information about sex between youngsters. There are a lot of young girls gettin' pregnant, ad STDs are spreading again between youngsters. Our genereation (i'm from the 76) had more information (even if because the big fear of the widespreading HIV that caractherized those years) than nowadays teenagers. And btw it were just Phinn and Brittany who seem stupids. But they're the "dumb characters" since the first episode. The others guys are not so naive or stupid. They just lack information.

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2x17 Spoilers!!

oh come on it's a TF no need to be sooo involved with characters relationships.


Buuuttt as a fan... Kum?Not so much of a surprise... in first season Kurt fell for Phinn. 

And in that case it was quite clear, since the first episode,that the Furt couple would never have a chance...


In second season suddendly it appears Sam, a really sexy blonde quaterback who from the first time was in the radar of Kurt.


Also he was the first one to defend Kurt from the Karofsky's bulliing.


Then there was all the story with Quinn. So romantic. 


And then Blaine enter the scene. But, as we saw in the valentine day's episode, he want just friendship. Also in Sexy he talk to Kurt's father with clear intentions. It was obvius that he wasn't interested on having sex or being in a relantionship with Kurt.


So what's the situation after Sexy?


Santana love, and really deep, Brittany. Probably she just played with Sam (who won't like to play with such a man? :D ). Phin is dating Quinn on more serious, maybe, way. Blaine seem's to care for Kurt but non romantically involved. And all the 8/9 episodes on the Klaine were just the Kurt point of view.

That of a gay teenager that for the first times find some one like him, some one handsome, is not so strange.

So as far as i can see all the pieces are ready for the cliffhanger. 

I? I really would love to see Sam and Kurt. Kurt deserve someone tender as Sam (i never saw as possible the couple Blaine-Kurt) .


But these are hypotheses. I will wait the development of the series. And i'll watch every single episode till the last one :)

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