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True Blood Round Table: "And When I Die"

Pleeeease... Vampire Diaries? You might as well throw Twilight in there too then as the "better vampire" story. We all know VD and Twilight are about the pussy vampires. What I don't like about those two is that they're just love stories, thinly veiled under the pretext of being a supernatural story about vampires. True Blood, on the other hand, is a supernatural show first, a love story second, and that's why it's the best. Plus, it's not afraid to show some blood, violence, and sex (granted, VD is on basic television and Twilight is for kids). TB all the way!

The Many Faces of Gossip Girl Style

Wow, you guys are pathetic. Just because you think one of them is pretty, the others just HAVE to be ugly. zOMG I LOVE LEIGHTON, THEREFORE BLAKE AND JESSICA SUCK. God forbid all three of them can be pretty in their own unique way. Get a life. And believe me, I understand all the Vanessa hate, but I don't get all the Jessica hate. Learn to separate the actress from her role. As far as I can tell, Jessica is nice and down-to-earth. What do you even really know about her anyway to justify such hate?


"J's actions can be explained if you understand ambition. go read macbeth." Yeah, if you understand failed ambition, LOL. Lady Macbeth goes insane and Macbeth gets his head cut off as a result of their "ambition". I wouldn't mind similar results with Jenny. ;]

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New York Post: Will Jenny Humphrey Die on Gossip Girl??? (Spoilers)

No, she won't die. The writers aren't that nice.

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"Spotted": Absolutely no sign of Taylor Momsen (Spoilers)

and people learn to seperate the character from the actual person! people projecting their issues with someone they don't even know unto her character is not only laughable, it's just stupid!


It doesn't matter if I separate the character from the actual person in this case because I think Taylor Momsen is worse LOL. She disgusts me with her whole "rebel without a cause" thing and her blatant disregard for the example she sets. No, she doesn't have to be a role model but she also doesn't have to go out of her way to further emphasize that she doesn't want to be one.

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Best Acted Scene in GG.

The Chair rooftop scene was pretty excellent.

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