Just got a summer into fall cold, YUCK! Gonna curl up on sofa, with blanket my rottweiler, and get ready for Revlution @ 10!  How on earth do you put your fav shows in any order when ones you love are either gone or on hiatus.  Nevertheless, I'll get back to my profile when I feel like a human again; I just got lucky seeing this site today.  



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Revolution Review: A Powerful Premiere?

It certainly wasn't boring, it was AWESOME and I can't wait for the next episodes. I'm sure if you see my other posts I'm a Billy Burke fan but even if you set that aside, think about this for a sec--not only do you have the director of "Iron Man" but you have the genius of J.J. Abrams at work on this incredibly refreshing NON-REALITY based series. I think it ROCKS, the character choices are perfect and I love the fact that it makes you wonder how are they going to top THAT episode! I LOVE IT! CAN'T WAIT FOR 10 P.M.-SHOWTIME-and should something come up where I'm not here for an episode, God Bless DVR'S!!!!

Fall Premiere Preview: Talk About a Revolution

Okay no doubt about it, not 1, here it is, NEWS FLASH, Film at 11--REVOLUTION IS AWESOME & I'M HOOKED!!! And can I please have "Uncle Miles" come home with me? He is so hot, he sizzles! I had no idea just how good an actor Billy Burke truly is. Of course in the Twilight Saga as the sheriff, the "alleged Prophet" in "Drive Angry" with Nicholas Cage but WOW, in Revolution this strong silent type man ROCKS! I'll ask again--Can I please have l of Miles to go? Think about adding that to your menus ladies! If you've not seen it, for goodness sake, do yourself a favor and leave the 10 pm NBC slot wide open for this new series, why? I swear to you it is one of the fastest hours I've EVER seen on TV--just watching Billy Burke is worth the hour all by itself and by all means, I STILL want 1 of Billy Burke to go please! ;o)