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And why the hell are they dragging Klaus and Caroline out like this? Are they keeping the originals through the rest of the season before shipping them off the New Orleans? Cuz they should just have had them sleep together tonite, then given them a few episodes to get over it. At the rate they're building this tension, Klaus won't be AROUND to see a payoff! It's like they're building for a season finale "bang", then come back next season and Klaus has disappeared? that's stupid.


I HATE that they're using this stupid humanity switch as an "out" for having to develop Elena and Damon's relationship!! First it was the sire bond, and now it's the humanity switch! Basically, they gave us half an episode of Damon and Elena sleeping together, then they slammed on the brakes and we never got to see them as a couple!It's ridiculous now how! We can't even get a scene of Damon TRYING to break through to her, telling her he loves her or something like that. Nothing. If the writers are trying to use this as a way to say Stefan is better for her because he "won't give up on her", it irritates me to no end. Why can't they show the Damon we saw when he admitted he loved Elena?! Sooooo annoyed with this storyline...

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And yes,writers ARE Mad!!! (Spoilers)

Alicia---  You know why the last 2 episodes have sucked?!  because NO CHAIR!!!!   IT's ridiculous how much these last 2 episodes have been pointless. the writers can't have another eisode where chcuk and blair have absolutely NO interaction whatsoever agian. Not with all the history they share.  it's absurd!!!

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